SPEAKY Programme Overview




The Speaky programme consists of 14 dynamic Class Videos, each covering a specific teaching point, to be played to the class. Teacher Training videos, detailed notes and suggested lesson plans accompany the Class Videos and equip teachers with the necessary skills to run activities, give feedback and support progress, and form an important part of the teacher’s Continuing Professional Development.


It is possible to run all the Speaky Class Videos any number of times over the course of a year’s subscription, and there is no limit to the number of pupils in each class. For larger classes, to maximise individual involvement, it is suggested that the class is divided into small teams of preferably no more than six children in each.


There is considerable flexibility for the teachers to run the programme as best suits their timetable and their class, both in terms of size and capabilities. The Teacher Downloadable notes are notionally grouped into six lessons each involving 2 to 3 Teaching Point Class Videos. However individual Teaching Point Class Videos can be run as stand-alone lessons, or the number covered in one lesson can be tailored to suit the timetable and class.




Specifically, the Speaky programme will:

  • Build pupils’ confidence and self –belief to enable them to speak in front of an audience of people, expressing their own ideas and opinions fluently with well-structured narratives, descriptions and explanations.

  • Help pupils learn how to speak in a focussed way, developing their narrative without straying onto random thoughts.

  • Encourage the use of articulate, persuasive language with a broad vocabulary.

  • Show pupils how to gain, maintain and monitor the interest of their listeners.

  • Develop the ability to construct a reasoned argument, and begin to develop skills of debating including listening, responding and rebutting an argument in an appropriate manner.

  • Encourage children to apply the skills learned in less formalised, two-way conversations and team working: speaking, listening, initiating and responding to comments in a relevant and appropriate way.


Teaching Points Summary


Lesson 1

Teaching points:

  1. What is ‘Speaky’? its relevance and importance

  2. Looking, sounding, feeling confident

  3. The importance of a good start


Lesson 2

Teaching points:

  1. Managing nerves/ boosting confidence

  2. How to Warm Up

  3. Maintaining confidence, composure & good pace while speaking


Lesson 3

Teaching points:

  1. Structuring thinking

  2. Preparing to talk


Lesson 4

Teaching Points:

  1. Engaging people with eye contact

  2. Fact Vs. Opinion


Lesson 5

Teaching Points:

  1. Persuasive arguing vs. emotional quarrelling

  2. The art of persuasion


Lesson 6

Teaching Points:

  1. Listening well

  2. Rebutting arguments