The Oracy Hub Programme provides the resources to support the teaching of Oracy Skills by Parents and Teachers; it is a powerful combination of Class Videos, Teacher Coaching Videos and Written Lesson Plans backed up with online sessions to enable parents and teachers to confidently deliver the programme.
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SPEAKY: Speaking Skills for Children
Full Programme​ - £240 for 12 months

Really build your child's confidence with this full programme leading up to debating skills for children of all abilities.  It consists of 14 short fun videos, covering a range of teaching points to develop the speaking skills of 9-14 year olds .  The children watch the videos and then participate in exercises led by a parent or class teacher. The resource can either be delivered as a series of specific lessons or incorporated into other subjects. 


In addition to the Class Videos, the resource includes exercises, lesson plans and 6 Coaching Videos for parents and teachers to ensure they have the skills to effectively lead the sessions and build effective communication skills in their children. 

Buy the Course now for £240 for 12 months access.

Really lift your children's skill level by attending our live Zoom coaching sessions for parents 

Listening Well

Listening Well

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Sample Video - Listening Well

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A coaching session for parents who homeschool their children by Mimi Hughes BSc Hons (Psychology) LGSM (PbSpk).


Gain the confidence you need to teach these essential skills to your children in direct conversation with Mimi.