ORACY: "The ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech."

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Homeschoolof1 - "we absolutely loved taking these public speaking classes, and highly recommend them."

“The Oracy Hub programme has a deep and sustainable impact on the children’s confidence, language development and communication skills as part of a broad and holistic curriculum”


Stewart Debenham, Headteacher, Kingsland Primary School.

The Oracy Hub has been created to provide resources to assist parents and teachers in helping children to develop the essential personal confidence skills that are necessary for each individual to relate well to others, deal with adversity, and achieve their maximum potential and well-being.

Our resources enable children from Age 9 upwards to Speak Up and Speak Out in formal and informal presentations, debates and discussions.  At the end of the course children can examine and order their own thoughts, listen well and consider the views of others, providing a strong framework for self esteem and respect for others.

Results from The British Chambers of Commerce Workforce Survey - Developing the Talents of the Next Generation show that businesses overwhelmingly feel that many young people are not adequately prepared for the workplace upon leaving the education system.  More than half of businesses (57%) said a lack of soft skills, such as communication and team working, were reasons why young people were not ‘work ready’.



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